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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Southwest Utah is world renowned for its beautiful vistas and scenic paths. Hikers, campers and all manner of outdoor-lovers have made the state their home - but few hobbyists are as passionate as Utah’s cyclists. Cycling covers an expansive web of activities, and e-biking is quickly rising as one of the biggest trends for cyclists.

With the help of a small electric motor, mastering the rugged Utah terrain on your bike becomes simple as can be. Depending on the type of trail you wish to explore, e-bike varieties are available for use. In fact, there is an expansive amount of paths and trails to explore in southern Utah - including more than 60 miles of paved bike paths.

On an e-bike, it’s easier than ever to take in the beautiful desert scenery and indulge in local vendors and parks. eBikes can also be a great entryway into a healthier lifestyle. Cycling has been proven to be a great form of exercise, and the addition of an electric motor can be a great asset for people getting into fitness for the first time or recovering from an injury.

E-bikes provide the benefits of a traditional cycle with enough extra power to make outdoor biking exciting for beginners and experts alike. And for senior cyclists looking to get the most out of their hobby, e-bikes are one of the easiest ways to fully appreciate the spectacular signs Utah has to offer.

On an e-bike, effort and energy take a backseat to spectacle. You can still get the benefits of cycling while relaxing and enjoying all that southern Utah has to offer in natural splendor. Experience brilliantly colored cliffs and rocks and cast against a gorgeous desert canvas from the comfort of your bike seat. Spend less time peddling and more time enjoying the view with our premium e-bike rentals.

As e-bike technology gets better, we strive to stay on the cutting edge with our inventory. We offer the latest e-bike models and provide a strict maintenance schedule to all of our units. This ensures a quality ride for every journey no matter what the trail may throw at you.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your eBike excursion, make it a group affair! We offer friends and family packages that make it easy for your group to enjoy a stunning day among the best that southern Utah has to offer. It’s great for birthdays, anniversaries, and team-building exercises.

When you rent one of our eBikes, you can feel confident that we prioritize quality products and impeccable service. Take an e-bike ride along any of St. George, Utah’s best cycling trails and experience the difference for yourself.

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