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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Experience the beautiful natural scenery that the St. George, Utah paved bike trails has to offer. There are over 60 miles of them to enjoy. Here are just a few:

Virgin River Parkway: From Washington to St. George to Bloomington to SunRiver, with a connector to Web Hill. This trail has a separate page with additional details and a map. Some uphill on Web Hill, otherwise flat and easy.

Virgin River Trail

The Virgin River Trail is a paved bike and roller blade trail. The original section (on which these photos were taken) ran 2.5 miles along the banks of the Virgin River from the Dixie Center in St. George to Bloomington, but has been extended and is about 7 miles in length. It now continues northeast into Washington (two miles past River Road). On the south, the trail continues past Bloomington to SunRiver (but on the east side of the river).

The trail sees heavy use from runners, walkers, roller bladers, and bikers. There are no steep sections. The ride is easy for even the smallest children. Tiny guys riding with training wheels and young moms pushing strollers with their roller blades are common.

There is water at the Bloomington end of the trail and occasional fountains in the middle. Benches are found periodically. There's a bathroom south of the Dixie Center in St. George.

The trail has extensions into St. George along I-15, Web Hill and Bloomington east of I-15, the Santa Clara River, Virgin River South, River Road, and Middleton Wash.

Snow Canyon Loop

The Snow Canyon Loop Trail is a paved double-track bike, hiking, and rollerblading trail that loops through Snow Canyon from the outskirts of St. George. Although the trail is smooth and paved, there are some steep spots that will spook (or injure) youngsters who are just learning to ride. Snow Canyon is a state park, requiring a fee for entry.

If you ride the entire loop, including the section of highway at the top of Snow Canyon, you'll travel 18 miles and climb 1050 vertical feet. Peak altitude is 3960 feet. The section along the Veyo highway (the continuation of Bluff Street) has rollers with some very steep pitches if you're riding counter-clockwise northbound. With a stand-and-grunt, it's possible to ride these on a double-ring road bike, but beginners will need to walk some spots.

Between the top of Snow Canyon and the picnic area trailhead, there's a mile of missing trail (we presume this will be added soon). This is the only spot in the 18 miles where you'll be sharing with autos. This section is also a stiffer climb if you're riding clockwise.

Sand Hollow Trail

Short trail with traces of gentle uphill, ends on city street. Starts in the parking area north of Aquatics center on Sunset Blvd and Lava Flow Drive and ends on Lava Flow drive

Halfway Wash Trail

Fairly short trail, slightly uphill, connects to Snow Canyon Loop at the Snow Canyon Parkway. Trailhead at Dixie Drive and 540 North with Alternate trailhead just east of the shopping center parking area at Dixie and Sunset.

Lava Flow Trail

This trail starts south of the school, across the street from the Aquatics center parking area on Sunset Blvd and Lava Flow Drive. Good views of crunched lava and red cliffs near Snow Canyon. Ends in Santa Clara on the continuation of 2000 North 3 miles each way.

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